Assets Greece Has to Hand Over to Europe

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Subject: Assets Greece has to hand over to Europe


What a nation of morons!

Thanks for this email. Although Greeks have themselves to blame in living beyond their means & stupidly borrowing from these banking pirates in the first place (who create the money out of thin air) – there is no way they will ever repay the mountain of debt accumulated when yet another 50 billion or more is added to it, even with asset sales. The article title is incorrect, however. If the austerity and bailout program is finally approved by the Greek Parliament, the stupid Greeks will end up handing all their assets over to not Europe, but the Anglo/American central banking criminal oligarchy controlled from LONDON

This small band of money-hungry banking despots are seducing all brain-dead central and local governments throughout the world, not just Greece, to borrow from them, ultimately to steal all their assets from them, and ultimately privately own the world. The reason why the assets have all to be “privatised” first, is that one private individual cannot personally own the whole world while some of those assets are owned by the state, on behalf of the people.

Time to wake up big-time!

With turn-coats like the current Greek Prime Minister – who needs enemies?

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