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Thanks for your email. Some good, nicely presented material in it by Wake Up Kiwi, but unfortunately it’s not all correct. One of the biggest errors is this. The writer claims the Crown has nothing to do with the British Sovereign now, but is independently controlled by the Lord Mayor of the City of London Corporation. This is entirely incorrect, and unfortunately is misunderstood by most.

The British Sovereign, presently Queen Elizabeth II, heads the Lord Mayor of the City of London Corporation and the Crown. All the wild claims about the Queen being only a figurehead having no power at all and having to get the Lord Mayor’s permission even to enter the City is utter rubbish and is simply not true. The British Sovereign has the power to RESCIND the Lord Mayor’s power at any time, and when the Lord Mayor is sworn into office each year he or she takes an Oath of Allegiance to the Sovereign, currently Queen Elizabeth II.

Whenever the Queen enters the City of London to perform a ceremony her Gold State Coach pauses at Temple Bar where the original gates marked the City boundary. At this point, following a tradition dating back to the City’s Charter granted in 1215, and symbolic of the Queen’s SUPREME AUTHORITY over it, the Lord Mayor presents the hilt (handle or scabbard) of the Pearl Sword to the Queen for her to touch with the point of the sword pointing downwards in symbol of the Lord Mayor’s submission to her. (This is the Pearl Sword of Elizabeth I which was given to the Lord Mayor to celebrate the opening of her Royal Exchange in 1571). After the Queen touches the sword, it is then raised before the Lord Mayor officially welcomes her and then leads the procession usually to St. Paul’s. Once in St Paul’s, the sword is laid by the Lord Mayor on a cushion on a table in front of her with the hilt to her right hand, again symbolizing the Lord Mayor is in subjection to her. I previously wrote a short article about it here: You can see the ritual at Temple Bar here:

If you look carefully at the rear of the Gold State Coach, you will see the two sons of Neptune each holding the Roman (and Nazi) FASCES (a bundle of rods), ancient symbol of Fascism which symbolize that the Queen and City over which she reigns is Fascist. Copies of these two FASCES are now mounted on the wall behind the Speaker’s Rostrum in the US House of Representatives, which show that the US Government is FASCIST headed by her Majesty.

In New Zealand, for example, the Governor General is the Queen’s PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE, who in turn, on her behalf, appoints all the judges of her Crown – NOT PARLIAMENT. If a new Governor General is to be appointed, Parliament recommends an individual, and the Clerk of the House I think it is, contacts the Queen for her ultimate approval, NOT Parliament. Only the Queen can sack the judges, not Parliament. As Commonwealth countries gain their independence from her directly and change their flags to become republics under the United Nations Charter, most do not realize the Queen still controls them through the 54-nation Commonwealth of Nation voting block and Commonwealth Secretariat, which in turn controls the United Nations.

In fact, no judge or lawyer can even practice unless he or she is a member of their national Bar Association, controlled from Temple Bar in London, a Masonic secret society (near where the Queen’s Gold State Coach stops) founded by the Knights Templar, now a Satanic cult and high Degree in Freemasonry’s United Grand Lodge of England. The highest order of World Freemasonry is the ORDER OF THE GARTER AND ST. GEORGE. And guess who heads it also? The Queen. And when is St. George’s Feast Day? April 23rd every year, which in ancient Rome was the VINALIA the greatest feast day of the pagan Roman calendar dedicated to the supreme sun-god Jupiter. So we see, under the cloak of apostate Protestant Christianity, we now have a devious, Fascist, Nazi Queen.

There has never been any justice in the Royal Courts of the Queen, because even at your first trial your case is heard and judged by a jury of your peers, on appeal, there is no jury at all except a pagan monkey or sleazy puppet dressed in black who is appointed by the Queen on a huge salary, contrary to the laws of Moses, which FORBID ALL JUDGES TO BE PAID.

And by the way, there is an image of Mercury, the Roman God of thieves, trade and merchants on the side of the Queen’s Gold State Coach accompanying the sons of Neptune holding the Fasces at the rear. In ancient Rome, the gods Mercury and Neptune (god of the sea and sea trade) were often paired together because Mercury couldn’t monopolize the Roman World Trade Organisation to expand the Roman Empire through banking and trade to take over the world without the dedicated assistance of Neptune. Not bad for a band of royal banking pirates masquerading as good church-going Protestants eh?

In New Zealand, when we purchase a Freehold Property we think we own it but we legally don’t. We purchase the FEE SIMPLE which is only the RIGHTS OF POSSESSION of the property NOT OWNERSHIP, as this is held by the QUEEN! So she is hardly just an old invalid lady with a funny hat and pearls dangling around her neck with no power is she?

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