The Evil Deeds of the Ratbag Profession (Lawyers)

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This is a very good Book written by a lawyer who wrote several books, and its easy to read. I had the book and lent it and lost it, its all about how rotten the system of lawyers are. So now I have it on pdf I can share it again Just try I chapter, its very easy to read and I bet you finish the book.


The Evil Deeds of the Ratbag Profession


Re: Book: The Evil Deeds of the Ratbag Profession [LAWYERS]

Great book! I know you are not religious, but there are just four main evil groups in the Bible who were first targeted by Christ in this order of precedence, power and sinfulness: 1) Pharisees and scribes (apostate religious leaders and writers), 2) Sadducees (the rich bankers), 3) paid lawyers [and judges] (all highly paid professional liars), 3) doctors (highly paid fraudsters – often charged exorbitant fees and rarely cured their patients). It may surprise many, but the people with the most power throughout history have always been the religious leaders and writers, NOT bankers, lawyers or doctors. But still, good to put the judiciary and lawyers under the spotlight too, if for no other reason than to learn about how adept they are as fraudsters and liars! The only truly honest lawyers, almost always, end up losing their license to practice (like medical doctors). More lawyers are politicians than any other profession.

I have yet to meet an honest lawyer, including my own attorneys, and have told them so, as I only use them as little as possible when I am forced to do so as they are all part of the Bar Association, controlled by the Masonic Knights Templar, the secret society brotherhood network in London. I told my last lawyer years ago (a senior partner in the firm), I appreciate that he looked like a good bloke and family man, but in general, I resent all lawyers and only use them when I have to as I believed the profession are all highly paid professional liars. He laughed, and said; “Jack, what we like about you, you’re different and give us a bit of stick and add a bit of sparkle to our day. Most people who walk in here think we’re almost god, seriously. But of course we’re not. We can tell them almost anything they’ll believe it.”

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