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This is the real beginning of the end!

Real FASCIST/NAZI vaccination policy and New Zealand is being used as a global “guinea pig.” This draconian policy was announced over the weekend with this front page report in the New Zealand Herald on Saturday. They have singled out the Waikato District Health Board nurses and doctors because they have (with Tauranga) the lowest vaccination rates in New Zealand, thanks to the work of Janice Priest, publisher of the former Healthy Options Magazine. Basically what they are requiring is that unless a doctor or nurse who is unvaccinated does not permanently wear a mask (including ward office staff) then they will lose their jobs. The mongrels even have put signs up all around the hospital warning visitors and patients that all doctors and nurses who are wearing masks are unvaccinated. (A similar policy to this was done by the Nazis using triangular badges to shame people). Already, nurses have sent me forms and other info about it (simply horrifying) asking me to write something they can put it up on their notice board at Waikato Hospital etc., but I am already too busy, and wonder why they can’t do it themselves. I might write more about it if I get time.

They are testing Waikato District Health Board first, before implementing it on all the other DHBs in New Zealand. First Nazi goal: Get control of all the medical doctors and nurses and force them to be vaccinated or they will lose their jobs. (Yes, this state control happened under Hitler). Second Nazi goal: Introduce and legalize voluntary euthanasia. Third Nazi Goal: Force mandatory vaccination on the whole world and members of the public. Fourth Nazi Goal: Implement Fourth Reich Nazi murder of all useless eaters through vaccines.

This is coming from the pharmaceutical companies that control WHO, that in turn wants to get dictatorial control of all health care workers, before they introduce their euthanasia program on the world. THIS IS THE END GAME!

And by the way, after all the wickedness of Hitler and his Third Reich culminating in the NAZI DOCTORS’ TRIAL at the end of WW2, the NUREMBERG CODE with its ten points was enacted to ensure informed consent and absence of coercion would never again be implemented by an evil fascist state. What, then, exactly do these madmen think they are doing?

Also, a couple of days ago an amazing clip was posted on YouTube titled, HUGE: CDC intentionally destroyed documents relating to vaccines causing Autism.

It shows Bill Posey, State Republican from Florida, in the US House of Representatives, revealing that not only did the CDC intentionally destroy documents relating to studies that certain vaccines cause Autism, he also reveals that a certain whistleblower stashed copies of the documents that the CDC destroyed and as the result he wants an inquiry into the corruption. Remember, from previous emails I have predicted that Autism and brain damage from vaccinations will reach approximately 100 per cent of all under 2-year-olds by about 2020! I KNOW what I’m talking about. Already the rate in highly vaccinated areas such as in New Jersey in the US are close to 1 in 20 children.

Most of the flu vaccines have mercury as a preservative in them, unlike many others where this has now been replaced with phenol, which incidentally was used in injections by the Nazis to kill people whom they considered were all ‘useless eaters. Somebody from Europe contacted me the other day saying that, based on GP medical doctors medical records, all patients in the future who have been prescribed drugs for depression and psychological conditions are to be included with all those who are classified as useless eaters and once voluntary euthanasia laws are fully implemented, they are in line for the ‘Terminator Jab’ as well. The reasoning is, because they are often negative, down-hearted and depressed and don’t enjoy life as they should, it would only be considered merciful on them all to let them go peacefully. A bity like a disgruntled employee. If they’re not happy, better to let them go!

As as you probably know, face masks do not work and do not stop viruses passing through them at all. So the Waikato District Health Board CEO’s claim vaccines are safe and face masks protect people are all bare-faced lies – and their 2015 Staff Influenza Vaccination Consent Form is a mockery. (Yes, I have a copy too!). What a shocker!


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