R.C.C. and Protestant Apostasy

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Most denominations already are controlled by the state, as either Charitable Trusts or IRS approved, including the SDA Church. That is why the SDA Church even here in NZ through the Sanitarium Company participates in Food for Schools Programs etc. with the Government.

Both the Vatican and the British Monarchy’s assets are held in what is called a CORPORATION SOLE, which means all the wealth under their control on the death of the Sovereign are automatically transferred to their successor without tax or death duties.

A special act of Parliament called the Roman Catholic Bishops Empowering Bill 1997 was passed here in New Zealand in 1997 “Privatising” the Roman Catholic Church’s assets which were formerly held in a trust, and transferred them into the names of the Bishops as Corporations Sole. Most countries have now completed this process but it is almost completely unknown by the man in the street, who by and large still erroneously thinks the Vatican rules the world. The truth is, according to the Bible, the Pope is the “false prophet” not the Antichrist, and in fact, Vatican literally means ‘prophet.’ E. G White, founder of the SDA Church was wrong on this one, as are many others!

The fact is, (at least for the present) the British Monarch now rules the world, including the Vatican, through the City of London Corporation (inside the old Roman walls of London and sometimes called the Square Mile) and its Twelve Great Companies which were set up in the twelfth century. The symbols of the City of London Corporation today are the Sword of St. Paul (which is pagan, Masonic rubbish) (as Paul’s sword was the “sword of the Spirit and word of God” we are told in Ephesians 6:17)) and the Red Dragon. The two demon-deities and consorts of the Red Dragon in the City are Gog and Magog, who normally reside in Guild Hall, where the Twelve Great Companies are located. The City of London Corporation is an independent state within London, not responsible to the British Parliament at all. Officially the Lord Mayor is the head, but he is subject to the power of the Sovereign and when he is sworn into office he takes an Oath to her, contrary to misguided public opinion.

Originally the Pope headed the City, but after Henry VIII broke with Rome, he, the British Sovereign, took over the City and the Roman Catholic Church’s assets in England which were held in its dioceses (the world’s first corporations) were transferred from the Vatican and Pope to the British PROTESTANT Monarch, and have remained so ever since. The British power over the Roman Catholic Church was largely completed in the 1860s to bail out the Vatican as it was broke. This was done through a series of loans from N. M. Rothschild in London, which was fully completed in 1929 with the signing of the Lateran Treaty between the Pope and Mussolini. At the time, when the Vatican was forced to sell the Papal States for the equivalent of about 100 million dollars today (a pittance compared to the massive value of the assets which were taken) the finance was arranged, again, through N. M. Rothschild’’ in London, and disbursed through their Italian banking agent, TORLONIA in Naples. Interestingly, after the money was paid to the Vatican, it was re-deposited back with the same Anglo/American banks that who had provided it in the first place, and then afterwards largely invested in stocks in Europe and the United States. The late Avro Manhattan in his book The Vatican Billions shows where many of the funds were invested. Today the Vatican Bank’s day-to-day activities are run by a board of cardinals, above which are representatives of major British international banks.

So to recap. The real chief devil today is not the Roman Catholic Church, or even the White Monkey in the Vatican, as so many erroneously claim. It is an incredibly powerful and cunning band of money-hungry apostate PROTESTANTS in the City of London, the head of which is Queen Elizabeth II. If you read Revelation chapter 18, you will learn more about what is soon going to happen to her and her City.

UNFORTUNATELY, at the time of the Reformation, when everyone thought the Pope was the Devil incarnate, and praised the Protestant Church for breaking the yoke of Rome and bringing liberty and freedom to the world – which the reformers largely did – they never could have dreamed, in their wildest imaginations, that the liberating structure the Protestant reformers had created, in time, itself, would become seven times worse, more cunning, evil, greedy and brutal than ever the Holy See and Vatican had ever been.

In other words, the head of the Protestant Church, who once gave the world the King James Bible, biblical laws and freedoms, who gave us all the world time, heat, and navigational coordinates, and now a world language, one could go on and on – has turned into an ogre, accompanied by her own nasty false prophets, the chief one being the Druid Archbishop of Canterbury, with his band of greedy, IRS registered opportunistic apostate ministers from all denominations around the world and, lest we forget, her insidiously evil banking fraudsters in the City of London. Yes, they’ve badly let the side down haven’t they?


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