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I thought you may be interested to hear this on Kim Hill’s programme tomorrow morning.

8:40 John Kirkhope: powers of the Sovereign

Dr John Kirkhope is a Notary Public, a visiting research fellow at Plymouth University, and author of the 2013 book An Introduction to the Laws of the Duchy of Cornwall, The Scilly Isles and Devon. He fought a freedom of information case to access papers showing the extent of the Queen and Prince Charles’s secretive power of veto over laws in the UK.




Re: Dr John Kirkhope talking about the extent of the Queen and Prince Charles’s secretive powers

Thanks. I will listen to the segment tomorrow morning. Kirkhope has been harping on about their excessive, enormous powers over the British Parliament for 3 or 4 years now. I think this is part of the cunning Hegelian Dialectic drive (which the monarchy paradoxically supports) to remove the hereditary monarchy system of government, break up the UK and Commonwealth nations into soviet-style mega-regions, remove the Union Jack from their flags, give them new independent anthems, turning them into republics, so that the wealth and assets of the world can be fully transferred into the control of the TWELVE GREAT COMPANIES in the City of London Corporation, while they will rule the world politically, religiously, and socially through the UN.

While outwardly he seems to claim to oppose the Queen and Prince Charles’ enormous powers, I am not so sure if he in fact behind the scenes supports them, but more in Prince Charles new global role as World Philosopher King in which he will be voted into his new role by the will of all the people of the world, rather than by hereditary right after a terrible global war soon to take place.

I don’t know if you know, but John Kirkhope is a lawyer (I’ve never met an honest one yet) and a Notary Public. My dentist’s wife here in Tauranga N.Z. is one of them too. Notaries Public hold a special office in the UK where they are called to professionally and legally record matters of official importance at a high level. The U.S. has them too, but they have different jurisdictions. The office originated way back in the ancient fascist Roman republic before the time of Christ where they were the public “scribes” to government officials. Many of them were attached to the Senate and courts of law recording judgments of magistrates. Later in Rome, they were the registrars attached to leading government officers, governors and the Emperor’s private secretary. After the Roman republic collapsed, Notaries public carried on their civil role under the control of the Roman Catholic Church. In England, at first notaries were appointed by the Papal Legate, but in the 1200’s the Archbishop of Canterbury was authorised by the Pope to appoint notaries, and from that time many of those appointed were members of the clergy. However, after the Protestant Reformation, an act of parliament was passed terminating the power of the Pope to appoint notaries and that power was vested in the Protestant King, who then afterwards transferred it to the Archbishop of Canterbury who then transferred it to the Court of Faculties.

So the moral of the story is, since Dr Kirkhope is a Notary Public, I wonder if he is in fact still working for the Queen? But still will be interesting to hear what he has to say. Traditions die hard don’t they? Perhaps he has come here to decide on which new New Zealand flag her Majesty prefers?


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