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Just a quick report on the meeting as I finally was able to go.

There were about 50 people in total there. A good turnout, considering there are only about 40,000 to 60,000 pensioners in Tauranga!

Basically, the meeting was called to hear a guest speaker, Christian Derrington, General Manager Sales and Marketing, from Pulse Energy, present their Pulse Energy-Grey Power Electricity Smart Meter partnership rollout for Tauranga and New Zealand.

While he was amicable enough, he produced a slide presentation with his presentation, full of typical big business, corporate claptrap about why Pulse Energy/Grey Power Smart Meters are so good and will benefit everybody including all Grey Power consumers. Currently they have about 16,000 Grey Power customers signed up at present. Apparently, or so he says, in 2012 Pulse Energy was the fastest growing company in N. Z.

He tried to claim that what his company wanted was to give customers a “choice” in choosing to retain the old analogue meters or choosing the new Smart meters, but a member of the audience, (who I believe you know) Ross Chipman from Te Aroha, challenged him by explaining this was simply not correct at all. Chipman said that the power companies have cut off his power supply now because he refuses to have a Smart Meter fitted. He has even contacted the Human Rights Commissioner about this tyranny, but to no avail.

The truth is, all power companies are now going to make Smart meters mandatory irrespective of what EMF radiation damage they may inflict or what the general public feels.

Two women from the audience vociferously spoke about how after they had Smart Meters fitted, they became very ill. Yet after they had them removed and replaced with the old analogue meters their health returned to normal.

Others mentioned how the EMF radiation was so strong it affected their hearing aids.

Christian Derrington, when asked about the EMF radiation risks, said as far as he knows, the experts say there is none. I challenged him by saying, “Well if the Smart Meter and Smart Phone manufacturers and suppliers like yourselves say there is no risk, why do you think Lloyds in London at the beginning of this year, instructed all global insurance companies to now include a special EXCLUSION in all of their insurance policies for any damage to persons inflicted through EMF radiation from Smart Phones, Smart Meters and all other similar devices?”

Another chap, who clearly had a vast knowledge about Smart Meters, said that the truth is the compulsory implementation of Smart Meters is global, and is coming from multinational corporations, that soon aim to introduce graduated tariffs, charging customers much more for power if they use their appliances at peak demand times. Plus, all Smart Meters, he said, are designed to interact with Smart Appliances, Smart Phones and residential surveillance cameras in the future linked to the National Security Agency in the United States.

However, my own summary of the meeting is that because of the huge general apathy of the general public, with so few people now even interested, the fascist corporate oligarchy at the top, who are now acting in concert with corrupt politicians and government agencies worldwide – actually now completely despise what the average man in the street thinks, and the few who do have a concern about what is happening and are not afraid to speak up, they simply treat with utter contempt.

My own conclusion now is that we are now past the point of no return. They are going to proceed with their Smart Meter plans, because there is now virtually no resistance to them at all. All of these sorts of meetings and calls for submissions or other peoples’ opinions, are simply a charade, a pretence to try and make the public think we are all still living in a democracy. When the truth is, it is now clear they have already made their minds up about what they are going to do – and it is clear what they envisage is a full-blown, tyrannical, fascist, global police state dictatorship – that if God does not intervene, these imbeciles are soon going to completely destroy everything.


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