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Here’s something to think about:


Here below is the Wiki listing on the Vatican Bank (or IOR).

If you view it you will see that the Vatican Bank is now run by a group of Cardinals over which is an international Board of Superintendence which runs the bank. On the Board is Sir Michael Hintze who is a leading British-Australian businessman based in the UK. I think his parents were Russian Jews. I also think he is a Jew because he was made a Knight Commander of the Order of St Gregory by Pope Benedict XVI in 2005, and it was Pope Gregory that allowed the Jews to take over the Vatican’s finances in the 1800s. Many Jews have been given this award. Hintze has made billions through working for Goldman Sachs and his own hedge fund in the City of London. If you click on his name it will then take you to the wiki listing of him.

On that listing you will see that he currently serves as Chairman of the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, he received the Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philanthropy in 2009, and he was knighted by PRINCE CHARLES at Buckingham Palace in 2013.

As I say, and have said many times before, the smoke of Satan has entered the halls of the Vatican, and the Pope is no more than an invalid British puppet, and now you’ve got Hintze, on behalf of Prince Charles, actually running the Vatican’s finances.

Yet there are still many people (such as the SDAs) who believe the unholy father rules the world. What a joke!

The puzzle is getting much clearer now isn’t it.

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