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Subject: Fw: Thousands rally in Austria in support of refugees – YouTube



Years ago when I read your book about the Alpha Course and the conclusion at the end about the rise of Russia and global Socialism I must admit I thought you were crazy saying the EU and UN both were Marxist/Communist. But now, living in Bonn, looking at what’s happening here right now this past week I have finally to admit you are correct. By bringing in all these refugees into Europe it is so obvious now it is deliberate, that it is classic ‘divide & conquer’ Marxist strategy and it is moving faster by the week yes by the week.

I have a long time thought Angela Merkel was a secret Communist Socialist and now it is becoming plain. Can you imagine? She is bringing in over 800,000 refugees from Palestine and Syria alone this 12 months alone !!!!!!! most will go onto welfare. In Austria it is similar, yet the stupid Austrians like many Germans are so ignorant they support it. just as they welcomed Hitler at the start of WW2 these idiots are following Merkel. Then there is in Sweden as well taking 40,000 and supported by many more idiots also in Holland. But a lot of locals are getting upset too. A classic social engineering ‘divide & conquer.’ But it is also leading to a rapid rise in neo- Nazism and I wonder which will prevail. Most residents have worked hard paying taxes for social benefits here and now we bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees even millions who largely are unqualified and hardly speak German or English it is a deliberate policy to create a revolution to set one faction against the other to destroy any sovereignty that is left of any nation.

I never thought in my lifetime I would see this. The political stage is changing now very fast and all we need is a financial turmoil and it will become a ‘revolution’.

I hope you are fine thank you for the emails.

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