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If you haven’t been deceived by this clever propaganda, then you will be among the less than 1% of the world population who actually understand what is happening. So congratulations to you. But as for the rest, perhaps the time has arrived to wake up – fast. Because we are in the early stages now of a global, brutal, fascist, neo-Nazi/Marxist dictatorship being set up over the entire globe, by wicked leaders who are gambling on your mindless support – to set up a Nazi-style socialist world government, abolish the sovereignty of each nation, transfer the wealth from the middle classes to the poor and refugees, so that we can all can be equal and live happily together as WORLD CITIZENS under the protection of the World Supreme Soviet, the soon to be reformed United Nations..

I don’t wish to boast, but having studied psychological warfare and propaganda and written books about it in the past, I think I have at least some understanding about what is happening.

CHILDREN IN PROPAGANDA: The oldest trick in the propaganda book since the beginning of time used by evil tyrants and SOCIALIST leaders has been to deceive the simple-minded (most people) through using images of young children to stir up the emotions while bringing in their police state measures and powers that people otherwise would never vote for or support. All tyrants have used propaganda in this way using children to deceive the simple-minded. No exceptions. Hitler, Stalin, President Obama and Angela Merkel are only a few of many SOCIALIST leaders who have or are presently doing this.

Here is another clip of British propaganda at present pushing the refugee crisis:

If these images don’t change Europe, what will? – Heart-rending photos of toddler’s lifeless body washed ashore on Turkish beach spark horror and debate on refugees

Here is Hitler:

Here is Joseph Goebbels:

Here is American WW1 propaganda: (Must women and children die in vain?)

Here is Joseph Stalin:

Here is Angela Merkel:

Here is President Obama using children in his anti-gun speech:

Here is President Obama at it again in the White House:

Nothing is ever mentioned by these socialist scoundrels who control the mainstream media supporting the resettlement of refugees through the UN, is that the real reason we have an enormous refugee crisis in the Middle East in the first place, that is getting worse by the day, is that they are the same criminals who have and are still funding and providing arms to the terrorists. In particular the UK, US and the CIA. The average Syrian terrorist or ISIS combatant cannot even afford a reliable car for himself or packet of good cigars, let alone afford to pay for anti-tank missiles at US$50,000 or more a shot. Is everybody this stupid? Everybody??? Seriously.

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