Trial of Coal King Don Blankenship Begins Today

Email Correspondence…

RE: Murder of 29 miners: Pike River Mine (NZ) / Upper Big Branch Mine USA

As bad and corrupt the United States is, they are ‘angels’ compared to that dirty little country in the South Pacific – New Zealand:


•29 miners murdered in Upper Big Branch Mine USA – Don Blankenship gets charged and the trial begins today (do watch the video-clip!!!! on link)

•In New Zealand, the same thing happens, and the corrupt government/Royal Commission of Enquiry EMBARGO all the evidence for 75-years – yes 75-years (AND THIS IS TOTALLY CENSORED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA) so nobody can bring criminal charges against the mining company directors, the government or anybody else. What a disgrace.

All I can say is, for putting up with this rubbish and remaining silent, New Zealanders DESERVE all that’s coming to us!

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