The Hunger Games Propaganda Message: President Coin (Obama) vs Katniss (Hillary Clinton)

Email Correspondence…

Subject: Will Julianne Moore’s President Coin Hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016? (video!)



I remember about 12 months ago you sent me a disturbing email about the British propaganda movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 being released in November 2015 to presage the destruction of America as we know it and assassinate the president – (in the movie President Snow represents President Obama) noting that Julianne Moore in her role as President Coin has been made to look like Hillary Clinton to coincide with her program for US President in November 2016.

Jack, I’ve just seen the latest movie and couldn’t believe my eyes – you are spot on! There is no question about it, this is a massive propaganda movie not only for us here in the States but the world. Even in the movie trailer they say “President Snow must pay for what he’s done” and the trailer starts off by saying, “The Game is coming to its end” and “To the Global Phenomenon” “We march together.” In the movie, Panem (the United States) is in a full-scale revolutionary war, and they attempt to assassinate President Snow, conquer the Capitol – now its not only their survival – its the the entire future of Panem (the world/United States) is now under threat.

Over here they’ve released a poster depicting Katniss standing on the shoulder of a fallen President Snow statue.

Jack, I’m totally convinced that you are perfectly correct in your analysis and I would venture to say that if this is the case, then something mighty ‘turbulent’ is going to happen over here between now and November next year, [if the plot in the movie is carried out on time that is] and if I were the President I would be watching my back 24/7.

Have a look at the movie or at least the latest trailer on YouTube – they are cheeky as hell!!!!! – but then, when you’ve got most most members of the public here continuously preoccupied with destroying their brains at the baseball stadiums, its no wonder we are now living in a giant mental asylum now.

Watch the space!

Certainly amazing times Jack. What is it like in New Zealand Jack? Do you think it is much better that the U.S.?



I agree with you 100%!!!! No use coming down here at all, though, as you suggest.

While we have a much smaller mental asylum down here due to our much lower population, most of our general population suffer from a rare fatal cerebral disease called All Blacks Football Syndrome. Usually it starts off gradually at school when people are young. But unfortunately it progresses quickly destroying the primary brain cells so that by about age 40 most of the general population have almost completely lost their ability to think, differentiate between their right hand or left hand which makes them easily led, like sheep. It affects those in the media and those who don’t read the worst. By about age 60, most can only just sit in their lazyboy chairs at home all day watching sports or soaps on TV, by age 65, this then progresses to staring at the ceiling all day. A terrible disease Karen, and over 90% of our people have it. It’s such a demoralizing disease because most people who have it don’t know they’ve got it. And when they are diagnosed with it they often get very upset and full of denial about it. Very nasty, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody as its so soul destroying.

I don’t wish to seem too impertinent – but take my advice Karen – stay where you are in good ol’ U.S of A! Things are no better down here.

Thanks for comments.


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