Draconian Royal British Globalist Fascist Trade Agreement

Email Correspondence…

Subject: Fw: TPP

Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 5 November 2015

I understand this TPP Agreement is about 6,000 pages – written in New Zealand, by puppets of the British City of London multinational banks and corporation pirates taking over the world – with this Agreement, transcending national laws of all countries that sign it.

And these cheeky mongrels try and tell the mindless masses and world public, it includes “anti-corruption measures” and “democratic disputes resolution processes”, promotes “transparency” and “free trade” and so on, when the real truth is, the vast majority of these corrupt multinational criminals are secretly incorporated in British tax havens, hiding the true beneficial owners in protected legal jurisdictions, so that even national sovereign independent countries’ laws have will have no affect on them or jurisdiction over them in any serious protracted litigation. What a joke!

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