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Subject: paris comments from lisa haven

false flag by cia, m15, mossad and the french secret police – motive martial law while 190 world leaders have meeting about climate change

* seen no dead bodies reports coming in let patrons go and kept a remnant! What up with that?
* just like ‘Je suis charlie’
* foot in the door as excuse to invade Syria
* Not saying isis involved – because they probably aren’t
* confuse people so they won’t know when the real event happens – to condition people’s thinking!

Sorry but I hit a key that accidentally sent my last email not finished

What are your thoughts?


Re: Paris terrorist attacks

Thanks for this brief from Lisa Haven. I will look at it following sending you this email. I agree, she’s onto what’s happening re the current supposed “terrorist” attacks in Paris.

I really haven’t had time to study it today, but seeing all the media goons reporting on it tonight on TV1 including comments from the puppet NZ Prime Minister, the whole thing is part of a major global propaganda exercise set up to break up and reorganise countries (in this case Europe with flood of refugees etc.) under martial law in a national state of emergency so that they can introduce yet more global Fascist police-state powers, in the same way that the Nazis under Hitler did in burning the Reichstag building in Berlin.

To even suggest that this was Moslem terrorists is a joke as it is plainly an Anglo/French Military Intelligence operation for a number of fundamental reasons. First, because the Tavistock Institute in London that is controlling all or most of these supposed “terrorist attacks” deliberately targets holiday periods, holiday location or major sports or entertainment public events and locations like this to get maximum publicity as they have done. Second, you will see that the timing is deliberately planned to occur at the close of Black Friday 13th which is named after the Fascist Roman Ides of Jupiter on the 13th November in ancient Rome as a sacrifice to Jupiter – which was later used by King Philip IV of France in collusion with Pope Clement V on Black Friday, 13th October 1307, to arrest all the leading Knights Templars in Europe (because they all worshipped the Devil and had grown too powerful in their role collecting taxes for the Pope), to burn them at the stake including its Grand Master Jacques de Molay later in March 1314 in FRONT OF NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL IN PARIS. As a result the Templars who escaped ended up in Scotland and their descendants resurfaced in London in 1717 officially founding the Grand Masonic Lodge of England. Since Friday the 13th was the specific date set to destroy them, therefore, the Masonic Lodge has been dedicated to infiltrating destroying Christianity and more particularly the Vatican’s power in Europe. President Obama is one of them, I believe a 32 Degree Mason.

Hence, this is why you will see in this Masonic propaganda already the media reports on the current supposed “terrorist plot” such as this one here: a photo of anti-terrorist police and troops standing in front of NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL. On top of this, a lot of media reports already are featuring President Francois Hollande setting up a state of emergency in Paris, who would be as slippery and unethical character as you would ever meet. He was the First Secretary of the French Socialist Party 1997-2008 and for years has secretly been a British agent, having been made an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath by the apostate British Fascist Queen on 5 June 2014.

And yes. The globalist’s pressure is stepping up now to bring in their Masonic ‘New World Order’ and soon all those people who really don’t want to know the truth or understand what’s happening, through their own self-imposed ignorance – are going to be severely punished.


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