Has this something to do with Ezekiel 38 & 39?

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Subject: Has this something to do with Ezekiel 38 & 39 ???????

Who knows if the following information has something to do with Ezekiel 38 & 39 ???????



NOV 23, 2015

In an unprecedented move, Russia has sent ground-troops into the Syrian battlefield in support of Bashar Assad as the dictator struggles to maintain his power in the continuous four-year-long civil war, according to a report by Kuwaiti daily al-Rai.

The report, which has not been substantiated by other sources, …”



MAJOR NEWS OUT OF SYRIA: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action…ISIS is doomed

“The Kuwaiti report adds that Russian forces have already taken over multiple strategic positions and have forced numerous rebel battalions to retreat. … …”



There are 164 Jihad Verses in the Koran…if it has nothing to do with religion, then why do ALL the attacks reference something here … …
NOV 23, 201



Putin signs decree drafting 150,000 conscripts into the Russian military… as Iran and Hezbollah prepare major ground offensive in Syria with air support from Moscow’s bombers
NOV 23, 2015



Obama Won’t Hit Islamic State Tankers, Says Drivers Are “Civilians”
NOV 23, 2015


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You are totally correct and perceptive in your assumptions that your hyperlinks below show that events foretold in Ezekiel regarding Russia as the King of the north that brings God’s judgment on the “former Christian nations” etc particularly are being in the early stages of being prepared now.

Right now, our own Anglo/American Fascist/Luciferian dictatorship are frantically trying to force Russia into their Masonic New World Order, (in the same way the Nazis did through implementing a full state of emergency and “war against terror” following the Reichstag Fire) combined with widespread sanctions against Russia, and now, through their Nazi agent, Petro Poroshenko, having Ukraine to place sanctions as of yesterday against Crimea.

In the shorter term, Russian bear is still part of the final beast of Revelation 13, however, the lion, bear and leopard that dominate the beast, are all in real life vicious predators and arch-enemies of each other who can’t be trusted. In real life, a large healthy male lion (or even a tiger) will always defeat a small bear. But when a male bear is fully grown under ideal conditions, at 1500 lbs or more (typical of Russia at present), most authorities say the bear will always defeat the lion, usually by suffocating it or simply ripping it apart. As I’ve previously written before, bears when threatened will often execute a series of “mock” attacks, if they attack at all, but they are unpredictable, and if you threaten them too much (as these Anglo/American oligarchy idiots are doing right now to Russia) the bear might just surprise them when they least expect it.

Right now, the British criminals in Chatham House that in turn control the US ATLANTIC COUNCIL now largely controlling events in Ukraine (and Council of Europe), have been working non-stop through their fascist agent, chocolate king, Petro Poroshenko, by providing arms and funding to help him destabilize the region, to enforce the embargo against Russsia, and now Crimea.

Putin is smart enough to call their bluff by retaliating with alternative sanctions against Ukraine, but inevitably, this cannot continue forever, and I think Russia will get to the point of saying “enough is enough” and revert to use military force, and RAPIDLY strike against them like a whirlwind, and that is what Putin is preparing for now.

We are still in the early stages now, but the stage is being set, as so clearly outlined in numerous scriptures, for Russia’s infamous role, on behalf of God, to punish the former Christian nations for their hypocrisy and wickedness, ourselves included, culminating in the battle at Armageddon, during which, if God does not personally intervene, these idiots, including our own allies, will completely and utterly destroy all living life on earth.

While its hard to predict exactly when the real fireworks will begin, the time can’t be very far away, because the sanctions are having a marked effect on Russia and soon something is going to break. The fact that this orchestrated “global war against terror” (taking everybody’s rights away as did the Nazis under Hitler) is now moving so quickly, this, in itself, shows that the real fireworks are soon to begin.



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