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Henry 1 proclaimed arbitrary conditional liberty in 1100, as determined by himself of course. Conditional liberty as determined by an English king is the most subtle, therefore vicious form of arbitrary enslavement that could ever possibly exist, and does to this day. This fact must be understood before we ever can begin to extricate ourselves from the British “common law” system. Thomas Paine understood the evils of the royal British “common law” shake down racket better than any other man. It remains a total mystery to me why no one can understand this scam even though his written words have been public and available to study since January 1776. Common law has such a nice, touchy-feely benevolent dictator ring to it.

Now that the apostate British monarchy is sympathetic with Pagan/Muslim fanaticism, and the English/British green prince delivered the keynote speech in Copenhagen at the December 2009 climate change conflab, and is now pimping for the cop 21 at Paris, violence and death will become daily occurrences unless we prevent him from deceiving everyone by exposing his lies, and by doing so, enter into Christian liberty totally separated from English/British domination. We have a moral imperative to do so.

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