Cruelty in NZ Dairy Industry to be Exposed

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Subject: Cruelty in NZ Dairy Industry to be Exposed on TV One 7 pm Sunday |

Did you see the feature on TV-One SUNDAY programme tonight at 7pm, about serious mistreatment and cruelty to bobby calves which portrays it to be standard practice throughout the NZ dairy industry as a result of the animal rights group FARM WATCH secret hidden cameras??? What a shocker!

The Dutchman representing Farm Watch effectively said they are going to publicize the film to Europe and across the world to destroy Fonterra and dairy farmers as the result, and they want to see all farmers charged for animal cruelty. He also effectively said they are against the practice of “calf separation” as it is incredibly stressful on the cows to separate the calves from their mothers when they are so young. I’m not a farmer, but I do believe a good farmer looks after his animals and that at some point the male bobby calves have to be separated and sold to be culled as it would seem pointless to grow them on too much as they will never produce milk and are not premium beef.

I noted a MPI executive was interviewed and it is obvious, as usual, they are doing nothing about it, but the Fonterra executive said they were.

Either way, as I see it, the scandal needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY because if it gets out of hand it could devastate Fonterra’s image in overseas dairy markets, especially in Europe.

My gut feeling is there is a “MUCH HIGHER hidden agenda” behind the programme to destroy the credibility of Fonterra, and Farm Watch is just being unwittingly used to facilitate it.

Did you see the programme and do you have any comments?


Subject: Re: Cruelty in NZ Dairy Industry to be Exposed on TV One 7 pm Sunday |

This is not new to the industry !!!!!! Has been going on for years even worse

Thanks for comments

I have just taken 20-minutes to think more about it and refreshed my memory, so I will now make an extremely profound, prophetic statement now:


Here’s why:

1.About a month ago Standard & Poors (controlled by City of London-controlled Anglo/American banks) severely downgraded Fonterra’s excessive approx. $7.5 billion debt. The same banks in London that control the New York banks that control Standard & Poors also control Rabobank Netherlands, Westpac (Australia and New Zealand) – in fact all the big banks in Australia, and fund Agria Corporation Asia (incorporated in the Cayman Islands British tax haven) the Chinese company that now controls PGG Wrightson. These banks also control our media companies, television, radio and newspapers. Westpac is also the NZ Government banker as well. So they are preparing, now,with the addition of international low dairy prices, to put Fonterra into receivership in the New Year, or do a “Silver Fern Farms takeover” of Fonterra using a Chinese company to initially buy up about 50% of the company giving the Chinese vice-chairman a casting vote (like they recently did to the stupid 16000 sheep and beef farmers giving the the China company control of the company) – thus disenfranchising all the farmers from the cooperative control of their industry. Soon, the directors will vote to retain the majority of the profits within the company to pay out to their new foreign shareholders and the farmers will be paid next to nothing for their stock. It will only take about 12 months to start this process.

2.If you look closely at the entire program tonight IT WAS A WORD-FOR-WORD repeat of what the media prostitutes owned by the bankers previously did to first destroy the credibility of Allan Crafar owner of Crafar Farms 6 years ago, before his mongrel bankers (Westpac, Rabobank and PGG Wrightson Finance) foreclosed on his around $200 million debt, then sold his farms off to the Chinese. Here you can actually see the video propaganda, plus photos of starving & suffering calves – the same identical imagery they used in tonight’s propaganda program. Do watch the video propaganda here it is identical to what they showed on the program tonight.

3.Having studied psychological warfare, corporate mind control, marketing and propaganda, and written books about it, I would say 100% this is what these mongrel banksters are doing right now. Governments do this all the time. For example, if you want all the stupid oldies to get their flu vaccinations for winter, you broadcast a report of a poor old guy dying of pneumonia who hasn’t been vaccinated, then write into the script of Coronation Street a scene showing aunt fannie getting her flu jab. Before the bankers want to privatize a state department, it is standard practice now they get the media to criticize it to destroy its credibility so the stupid public “CRY OUT FOR IT TO BE PRIVATIZED!” It is standard practice now in most countries to write advertising for children’s vaccinations into women’s TV soaps! So farmers are no different. Not all, but nevertheless the majority – stupid!

4.To pull the rug from under NZ dairy farmers and Fonterra, the world’s biggest dairy exporter, requires a relentless, well organized media propaganda program to destroy the farmers’ and company’s CREDIBILITY and that is what they are beginning to do now to dairy farmers and Fonterra.

5.And NZ emailer, if you are not a dairy farmer don’t smile. Fonterra produces nearly 30% of New Zealand’s export income, so if it goes down or the dairy farmers go down – the NZ$ will go down like a lead balloon and we will all suffer. So if the farmers don’t get their act into gear fast, and do something to deal with these banking criminals quickly it will only be a question of time before they will follow in Allan Crafar’s bankrupt footsteps – penniless and only good for dog tucker!

And one last observation. I’ll bet not even a handful of farmers who read this will believe it – until it is too late. Seems to be the way doesn’t it?

I hope I’m wrong, but very much doubt it.


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