DOC Rangers Given Power to Arrest Wildlife Poachers and Smugglers

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I am surprised nobody here in New Zealand on my extensive email list hasn’t contacted me about this outrageous FASCIST announcement today by our NZ Conservation Minister Maggie Barry. Is everyone totally brain-dead? Seriously. Surely not EVERYONE? Surely we all are not totally IGNORANT? They have been talking about it both on TV and the radio stations so really its not as if its been kept secret. Are you concerned?

One of the secret agendas at the communist United Nations Climate Change Summit in Paris this week headed by Prince Charles with over 150 world leaders and 40,000 delegates (although the media may censor it for at least the time being) is to introduce special new domestic and international Climate Change Courts, based on the Nazi Special Courts and People’s Court setup by Hitler and Himmler head of the Gestapo and SS. These, through the United Nations, are going to be set up in every country of the world soon.

What deceived the Germans the most in the Third Reich to worship Hitler was that after Hitler came to power in 1933, while the existing legal and judicial system was allowed to operate as normal most people thought they were still living in a democracy, but the Nazis established A DUAL JUDICIAL SYSTEM with extra “Special Courts” and the “People’s Court” in which anyone could be arrested without a warrant on just “suspicion” of anything at all without any evidence against them by the SS or Gestapo (private secret police often dressed in civilian uniforms) and dragged before these kangaroo courts where defendants had no legal representation, no jury and in most cases just being accused by the Gestapo was a death sentence in itself.

If you look at this wicked proposal to be passed by the NZ Parliament announced by Conservation Minister Maggie Barry called the Wildlife (Powers) Amendment Bill to reform our 60-year-old Wildlife Act – you will see that it proposes to effectively convert Department of Conservation (DOC) rangers into modern GESTAPO police officers with massive police state powers.

As you will see in this shocking article, the proposed new law will give DOC officers the unbridled power to:

1) Take action to prevent an offence in progress or about to occur. (“About to occur” means that in effect they can arrest anybody BEFORE ANY OFFENCE IS EVEN COMMITTED. The Nazis did this too)

2)Temporarily stop people suspected of an offence to allow investigation. (Note no warrant required from a court, so they will have power to stop anybody for anything! That’s what the Nazi Gestapo did too)

3)Seize evidence such as laptops, cameras and mobile phones (without a warrant – Why?).

4)And require suspected offenders to supply their identification details (this could be anyone out tramping in the bush or fishing. Anyone! Why?)

Isn’t his is how Himmler’s SS and Gestapo rounded up all the Jews, gypsies, grumblers and anyone they simply didn’t like – and sent them to the detention camps or straight to be executed. When any agency of the state can charge or arrest anyone arbitrarily without having any evidence or consent via a warrant from an independent court – YOU ARE LIVING IN A POLICE STATE NAZI GERMANY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

On top of this, the Bill being proposed by Maggie Barrie is not her own but is coming from her bureaucrats in her department, in turn coming from the United Nations. She, like all typical “useful idiots” is simply playing her demonic part to rapidly drive the whole of New Zealand into a police state of tyranny – I suspect within about two years.

This bill is simply part of a secret plan to use the incredible deception and lie – THREAT OF “CLIMATE CHANGE” to introduce a global Nazi FASCIST POLICE STATE setting up Nazi “Special Courts” which are going to be given pre-eminence over national and local courts and laws – with the final court of appeal for all suspected “Climate Change Deniers” and any other criminals they choose to arrest, being the UN International Criminal Court in The Hague , The Netherlands. All this is being controlled from the City of London and headed by Prince Charles.

Already the first test Climate Change case has been conducted in The Hague on 24th June 2015 against the Dutch Government forcing it to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25% by 2020 as compared to 1990 levels – claiming the the Dutch state failed to discharge its “duty of care” under the UN IPCC targets and therefore acted unlawfully. This is the first case in the world.

Ultimately, once they set up these Special Courts in each country – ANYONE WILL BECOME A CLIMATE CHANGE “potential criminal” and “suspect.” – ESPECIALLY ALL FARMERS AND AGRICULTURALISTS, corporations, governments – anybody!

A global FASCIST reign of terror is being set up right now, with incredible cunning to soon drive the world into chaos, and out of that, will come their global Police State “New World Order.”

So yes. Just carry on the way you’re all going, saying nothing, don’t speak up, remain ignorant – but please, please, don’t complain when you soon lose your house, your farm, all your rights and you soon wake up and discover you have by your own silence and apathy completely destroyed any future for your children.

I don’t wish to seem condescending. And I know most people don’t want to hear any negative news. But this is what’s happening.

Really, this increasing apathy and “thunder of silence” we have right now (and yes, I appreciate its not only in New Zealand) whether you appreciate it or not was what characterized most Germans immediately before they ended up worshipping the Fuhrer.

Are you concerned? Do you have a comment?

That is all.

Good evening.

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