Unbelievable What Obama is Doing!

Email Correspondence…

Subject: Believe it!

Please look at the link below.

I think the majority of people around Europe and the US believe in the good of mankind…and therefore don’t really want to believe that this administration is doing things to position the muslim middle east in destroying western civilization and ALL of US.

Chris Christie’s talk with O’Riley is a sobering wake-up call… The lies, deceit, and betrayal of this administration is beyond belief! Will this be our demise?

Smuggling people into our country seems to me like p.o. will do whatever he can to dismantle and destroy our culture.

What presidential candidate will be able to undo this and will they deal this betrayal of the former president?

Remember the Bus in the Night with Refugees on a Secret UPS Plane?

Here is the follow-up on that video.

Unbelievable What Obama is Doing!!

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