Dow Suffers Worst One-day Point Fall In History

It’s all on now everyone. and yes, we did warn you all! The global financial crash I and a few others have predicted was imminent – has now begun TODAY!

This is only the beginning of the global turbulence and meltdown that’s coming as Trump approaches the “Debt Ceiling” negotiations with Congress on the Ides of March, (15th) which, on top of all this, could close down the US Government. Even now, the smell of rioting and chaos is in the air! The American dream is dead.

I know I am running the risk of sounding like a cracked record, but do, if you want to save yourself and family a lot of misery – and haven’t already – prepare for hard times and global financial contagion ahead, because the American financial empire is now on the way down and the fires of Rome have started.

Oh yes. We are all living in momentous times aren’t we.

Trusting all my emailers have heeded my warnings and are now sitting pretty.



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