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Japan vs. America

Email Correspondence… An excellent example of the vast difference in our leaders and culture. Clearly the rest of the world did not understand what allowing these people a foot hold actually meant: * In just ten years Hiroshima returned to

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How Thomas Paine’s other pamphlet saved the Revolution

Article Source The publication of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense caused a sensation in early 1776 as it explained the need for freedom. But it was a second series of pamphlets published on December 19 of that year that inspire a

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France to Invoke Article 5 of NATO Treaty – NATO compelled to go to war against ISIS — U.S. may “Intern” all Muslims!

Article Source The attacks against multiple civilian targets in Paris Friday night by the ISIS Terrorist Group have turned into actual WAR! France will invoke Article 5 of the NATO mutual defense Treaty Monday, compelling all NATO members to fight

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What Would Muhammad Do With Jihad?

Dear Friend, Islamic propagandists and deceivers insist that “Jihad” is the struggle of the soul to be pure, not a call to violence. Muhammad’s words tell a very different story. What follows sayings of Muhammad that give a small and

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Over 500 Institutions Commit to Fossil Fuel Divestment

Email Correspondence… Hi, Re: OVER 500 INSTITUTIONS COMMIT TO FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENT More good news, as expected from the Paris Climate Change conference. Look at this: Massive changes coming for oil, gas and coal industries affecting the whole world, but

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Americans Demand Total Shutdown Of All Muslim Immigration

By Frosty Wooldridge Article Source A devout Muslim-American, Syed Farook and his Saudi wife, along with several other Islamic terrorists massacred 14 and wounded 17 at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, yesterday, December 2, 2015. They slaughtered them

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DOC Rangers Given Power to Arrest Wildlife Poachers and Smugglers

Email Correspondence… To All, CLIMATE CHANGE/GLOBAL NAZI FASCISM: NEW ZEALAND DOC RANGERS GIVEN POWER TO ARREST WILDLIFE POACHERS AND SMUGGLERS I am surprised nobody here in New Zealand on my extensive email list hasn’t contacted me about this outrageous

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Charter of Liberties / Common Sense

Email Correspondence… Hi, Henry 1 proclaimed arbitrary conditional liberty in 1100, as determined by himself of course. Conditional liberty as determined by an English king is the most subtle, therefore vicious form of arbitrary enslavement that could ever possibly exist,

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Cruelty in NZ Dairy Industry to be Exposed

Email Correspondence… Subject: Cruelty in NZ Dairy Industry to be Exposed on TV One 7 pm Sunday | Did you see the feature on TV-One SUNDAY programme tonight at 7pm, about serious mistreatment and cruelty to bobby calves which

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An interesting take on Trump

Email Correspondence… Subject: An interesting take on Trump This is very interesting on what could happen under president Trump cleaning up the “GOOD OL’ BOYS’ CLUB !!! It is, indeed, “Well Worth The Read”! Subject: An interesting take on Trump

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