Operation Restore Christian America

David Stouvenel

David Stouvenel

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The program will have three primary areas of interest: The first will be listening to and learning from the callers that offer religious, spiritual, intellectual, financial, economic, legal, lawful, military, administrative, political and/or personal ideas for solutions to difficult and perplexing contemporary problems we all share. The second is to provide factual information about the effort by the British monarchy to deceitfully assume authority over Christianity, the American continents, and all other continents, and therefore, all nations in the world. The third area of interest is to bring to the attention of the public the information contained in two recent books that are available to read at no cost on my website, or available for purchase in print that identify a member of the British monarchy named Charles Windsor, and his effort to intimidate, dupe, terrorize, manipulate, charm, purchase, and subdue everyone through climate change, global warming/cooling, poverty, and environmentalist fanaticism.


My father served with honor in the Navy. Sadly, he passed away when I was twelve. My mother is still alive and well. She resides in her home at DeSoto, Wisconsin. The most important things have always been her Catholic Christian faith, children, and strong determination to never have anything unless it was acquired by honest work and proper etiquette. She is America’s greatest hero ever.

My military service began in 1969 and ended in 1976, with a brief intermission between service in the Army and the Navy.

After leaving the military I purchased a farm.

My adult son and daughter and all other members of my family are doing well.