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AntiChrist and the Green Prince





AntiChrist and the Green Prince

This very important book reveals the fact that “prince” Charles Windsor is the leader of the world wide effort to enslave all people through the deceptive and violent strategy of convincing and forcing people to join his several banking, political and humanitarian green organizations. Much of his philosophy and legal manipulations have been copied from Adolf Hitler and the German National Socialists. Al Gore is just one of his many duplicitous frontmen. Obviously, he will not tolerate Christians to live in his “kingdom”. This book is a warning in time to stop his wicked madness, and all that is necessary right now is a refusal to cooperate with this foreign enemy. Please share this valuable information with everyone you know before he launches his final push to force everyone to worship him and his death cult.






Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course




Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course

Do you know that the British Protestant Freemasons have been advancing an agenda to rule the world for several centuries? This book pulls back the veil and reveals how the British Monarchy is now apostate, and because of this provable fact, is the biggest threat to peace and freedom genuine Christians and Pagans have ever confronted. The Alpha Course is a counterfeit to genuine Christianity, and because women, children and Christians of all ages are naive and gullible because of their innocence, they are being deceived by this insidious effort by the British “royals” to unknowingly join ranks with them and their wickedness. This is a must read for every American because the “royals” are seducing the souls of the innocent for their own selfish goal of world conquest. A repeat of Nazi Germany will begin if Christians and Pagans do not become aware of this seduction and the method of operation the enemy is aggressively applying.





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