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Over 500 Institutions Commit to Fossil Fuel Divestment

Email Correspondence… Hi, Re: OVER 500 INSTITUTIONS COMMIT TO FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENT More good news, as expected from the Paris Climate Change conference. Look at this: Massive changes coming for oil, gas and coal industries affecting the whole world, but

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DOC Rangers Given Power to Arrest Wildlife Poachers and Smugglers

Email Correspondence… To All, CLIMATE CHANGE/GLOBAL NAZI FASCISM: NEW ZEALAND DOC RANGERS GIVEN POWER TO ARREST WILDLIFE POACHERS AND SMUGGLERS I am surprised nobody here in New Zealand on my extensive email list hasn’t contacted me about this outrageous

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The Prince of Wales Delivers a Keynote Speech at COP21 in Paris

Email Correspondence… Re: PRINCE CHARLES DEMONIC SPEECH AT THE PARIS CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT ON MONDAY: WHY WORLD EVENTS ARE GOING TO DRAMATICALLY CHANGE SOON This will be in my book in much greater detail. If you listen carefully to his

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Global Climate March: Wellington, New Zealand

Email Correspondence… Re: NZ Global Climate March today As you will be aware the intelligence quotient of Europeans, unfortunately, is very similar to our own mob down here. This was here outside our parliament buildings today. Note what the sheep

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One of Obama’s Harvard Professors likened the President’s Climate Change Policies to ‘Burning the Constitution’

Article Source The shadow of U.S. President Barack Obama is seen on the Constitution of the United States while speaking about America’s national security at the National Archives in Washington, May 21, 2009. A Harvard professor who taught U.S. President

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Prince Charles: Climate Change is the Greatest Challenge Facing Humanity

Re: Prince Charles’ Video Message To World Leaders Yesterday For UN Meeting On Climate Change If you listen carefully to his message to all world leaders yesterday, you will note he clearly refers to his enormously powerful “Corporate Leaders Group”

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