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A Muslim In The White House – Proof Barack Hussein Obama Is A Secret Muslim

This ground breaking documentary film finally proves that Barack Hussein Obama is a secret Muslim. This video examines all of the ties Obama has to the Muslim world, and it also examines everything he has ever said about Islam and

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A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim

Brother Rachid, addresses President Obama about the relationship between the Religion of Islam and the Islamic State.

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What Would Muhammad Do With Jihad?

Dear Friend, Islamic propagandists and deceivers insist that “Jihad” is the struggle of the soul to be pure, not a call to violence. Muhammad’s words tell a very different story. What follows sayings of Muhammad that give a small and

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Response to Obama Appeasing Violent Islam 1

Part 1 – Tolerance or the Truth of Islam Part 2 – Prevailing against Islam Part 3 – Sharing the Truth of Islam ​Part 4 – Why Fundamentalists are Terrorists

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What would Muhammad do with female prisoners?

Dear Friend, We must know our enemy! That means: to understand Islamic terrorism, we must examine Muhammad. We are doing a multi part TV series on the direct connection between Muhammad and Islamic terrorists. (If you appreciate the following research,

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Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders Sounds The Alarm

Email Correspondence… On Tuesday, November 24, 2015 12:06 PM, wrote: Received this just now. For those of you who have my Revelation Outline Study you might look at pages thirty-nine and forty in Chapter 13, titled ‘the Beast’. This was

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Killing ISIS and Islam

Part 1 – Good and Bad Muslims – Russian Flight Blown up by Islam ​Part 2 – Muslims taking over countries with just their birthrate Part 3 – Most Muslims are peaceful and bad followers of Muhammad Part 4 –

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Protestant Apostate Charles Windsor – Deceitful Human Devil

Article Source [T]he effort for these years to live in the dress of Arabs, and to imitate their mental foundation, quitted me of my English self, and let me look at the West and its conventions with new eyes: they

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Several Nations Prevent Shariah Gangster-Terror System

Email Correspondence… Wonder how long it will take the United States to even consider this? It has started… Finally! The first countries to ban Islam: See how the world is acting fast on the threat posed by Islam and its

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Episode 2: The Battle of Badr – The Turning Point of Islam

What Would Muhammad Do: Lone Wolves, ISIS, and Islam Explained to the West

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