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A Muslim In The White House – Proof Barack Hussein Obama Is A Secret Muslim

This ground breaking documentary film finally proves that Barack Hussein Obama is a secret Muslim. This video examines all of the ties Obama has to the Muslim world, and it also examines everything he has ever said about Islam and

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White House Says they Fund Terrorists and How we are Educating People about True Islam

Part 1: White House Openly Says they Arm Terrorists; Can’t Buy This Kind of Stupid Part 2: NIMBY and Standing for Godly Morals in America Part 3: Educate Yourself in Islam’s Primary Sources to Protect Your Family and Country Part

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White House Hypocrisy to French Terrorist Attack

Part 1: Obama is a Coward and won’t call out Islamic or Muslim Terrorists Part 2: Obama is a Coward and Won’t Say Muhammad is the Issue Part 3: John Kerry Equivocates on French Islamic Terrorist Attack Part 4: Obama’s

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