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Banking Pirates of the City of London

BANKING PIRATES OF THE CITY OF LONDON How just ONE MAN – who now ingeniously heads a single, global CORPORATION – by secretly controlling a sophisticated gang of powerful, greedy, international banking pirates – through black magic, global warming and

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Japan vs. America

Email Correspondence… An excellent example of the vast difference in our leaders and culture. Clearly the rest of the world did not understand what allowing these people a foot hold actually meant: * In just ten years Hiroshima returned to

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How Thomas Paine’s other pamphlet saved the Revolution

Article Source The publication of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense caused a sensation in early 1776 as it explained the need for freedom. But it was a second series of pamphlets published on December 19 of that year that inspire a

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France to Invoke Article 5 of NATO Treaty – NATO compelled to go to war against ISIS — U.S. may “Intern” all Muslims!

Article Source The attacks against multiple civilian targets in Paris Friday night by the ISIS Terrorist Group have turned into actual WAR! France will invoke Article 5 of the NATO mutual defense Treaty Monday, compelling all NATO members to fight

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A Muslim In The White House – Proof Barack Hussein Obama Is A Secret Muslim

This ground breaking documentary film finally proves that Barack Hussein Obama is a secret Muslim. This video examines all of the ties Obama has to the Muslim world, and it also examines everything he has ever said about Islam and

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A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim

Brother Rachid, addresses President Obama about the relationship between the Religion of Islam and the Islamic State.

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Unbelievable What Obama is Doing!

Email Correspondence… Subject: Believe it! Please look at the link below. I think the majority of people around Europe and the US believe in the good of mankind…and therefore don’t really want to believe that this administration is doing things

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What Would Muhammad Do With Jihad?

Dear Friend, Islamic propagandists and deceivers insist that “Jihad” is the struggle of the soul to be pure, not a call to violence. Muhammad’s words tell a very different story. What follows sayings of Muhammad that give a small and

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Response to Obama Appeasing Violent Islam 1

Part 1 – Tolerance or the Truth of Islam Part 2 – Prevailing against Islam Part 3 – Sharing the Truth of Islam ​Part 4 – Why Fundamentalists are Terrorists

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Facebook Shutting 1,000’s of Truthers Down

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